Harrods Village Estate sits among 10 acres of landscaped gardens, bounded to the North by the River Thames itself - a prime vantage point on Boat Race day! As can be seen from the map below  [the area in pink], some two thirds of the grounds are within a designated Conservation Area. Of particular note is the construction of extensive roof gardens behind Charles Harrod Court. They are a spectacular cover to the new Leisure Centre and the central car park. The newer residential blocks of Keble, Wrenn and Oriel are surrounded by well-maintained gardens and water features.

The original Depositories stood amidst several acres of allotments and their own hard landscaping for lorries and cars. The entire Harrods’ Estate was sandwiched between the Thames and the Barnes Reservoir to the South. The Reservoir was imaginatively converted into 30 acres of The London Wetlands Centre in 2000. However a large chunk of the allotments remain in the form of the Barn Elms Allotments and the Pond in our neighbouring estate of Barnes Waterside.

As the landscape is now nearly 20 years old, a process of renovation is underway to bring back colour and vitality to the grounds. To that end - and unlike most estates which rely on gardening contractors - Harrods Village employs its own gardening staff led by a Head Gardener with extensive horticultural qualifications and experience.

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